For old computers:XP or Windows 2003

For many reasons we may want keep old machines running,  for people don’t use linux, they may thought: xp or server 2003? when they ask friends/bbs mostly people will told: windows server 2003 is much more stable! coz its server OS/core , etc..

This time I put a old pc with PIII 600E, 384M RAM into a print/scan server. It’s chipset is VIA PRO133A. While the printer/scanner is HP 3030 All in one.

At first, I setup a windows server 2003, and then bad things happen, I can only install printer driver but the computer did not “found” the scanner, I test the hp 3030 with other xp/2003 machines and the scanner did work.

In the end, I setup a XP and the scanner finally worked.

I think the reson for this is first the purpose of each OS was different and XP was born early than server 2003,

XP will more consider low config computers/PCs (PIII 600 was the “mainstream” CPU in year 2000/2001)

Also, like VIA chipset based computers,  hardly you can find in server aera. right? maybe this is a incompatibility problem.

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unhappy with linksys wap4400n

We bought a Linksys WAP4400N for the new office. I checked before buy it.

But I missed one thing, it only support one radius server. (we are using WPA2-Enterprise security mode) with no redundant radius server, our network will die if the radius server fail.

When I called Linksys’s support line, they email me back saying : It is a product for small company only, so it will support only 1 radius server. and they advice me to search other “proper” product from linksys.

Hard to believe a “Business” line product support only 1 radius server (they also have “home” product line).  At least, they should mention that in the datasheet. How sneaky they are!

edit @Nov 10, I have rejected this AP, for the connection interrupt randomly and we can’t find a solution. also I found some posts on claiming they had the same problem.

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The most popular NAS server

Freenas,openfiler,naslite,windows 2003 storage server - who is the most popular one? let’s see google trends:

as you can see, its FreeNAS.

and who and where like FreeNAS most:

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Tutorial:building iSCSI service with FreeNAS

This Tutorial will show you the steps and tricks of building an iSCSI service in FreeNAS. iSCSI is useful when you want to test Vmware ESX but you do not have iSCSI device.

Also, this tutorial assumes you know how to install FreeNAS and mount the “system+partition” disk.

System configuration:

  • RAM: to run iSCSI service the ram size must not less than 256MB
  • DISK: 3 disk.
    • 1 for system partition, not less than 128MB.
    • 2 for raid 0 disk. Any size is ok

1. Add system disk and mount it. (you should know this part. :p)

2. Add 2 disks

3. Format the 2 disks

4. Mount 2 disks

5. Build RAID 0

6. Build iSCSI now.

Add extent0,extent1.

many people will fail here. coz they did not type the right path. You MUST enter a path like /mnt/<anything> . Otherwise you will fail.

add device

add target

then click apply, save and Take a great selfie

Finally, all is done! You can connect to the target with Microsoft iSCSI Initiator now.

You can try other options like raid 1 if you want.

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